We recommend people donate to the Japan relief effort through Doctors Without Borders. They are an amazing organization devoted to providing medical care across the world in times of crisis.


You can also donate by phone at 888-392-0392.

Doctors Without Borders is currently providing relief that draws from their general fund. You may donate directly to dedicated funds through Relief International as well as The Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Here is a post explaining why we’ve added these two organizations.

Why we chose Doctors Without Borders

We specifically chose DWB because of the fact that they are on the ground in Japan right now providing much-needed medical care in areas that were decimated by the earthquake. We were  impressed with the organization due to their reputation for providing direct hands-on aid to communities in need. 85.5 percent of their budget is dedicated to their program services, and they are a truly international operation. As an impartial NGO dedicated to helping those who are suffering they undertake their efforts in a manner that is free from the influence of political, military, or economic agendas, and they do vitally important work.

Doctors Without Borders Donation FAQ.


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