USC for Japan is a group dedicated to providing relief to the victims
of the recent catastrophes that rocked the Japanese islands. We launched
this site in an attempt to provide a central access point for USC students,
alumni, staff, faculty, and friends to donate to the Japanese disaster
relief effort. Our mission is simple: we want to take the guesswork out of
donating and unite Trojans who wish to aid disaster victims. We also aim
to make sure that the people in need will get the support they deserve.

In short: we want to help.

We have decided to send people to Doctors Without Borders, Relief International,
and The Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund via our donate page. We feel that all three are strong options for those looking to provide support and relief.

The organizers of this website are not directly taking any money whatsoever;

we are simply providing a gathering point for Trojans who would like to assist
their friends and compatriots in Japan. More information about DWB, RI, and
JNERRF can be found on the same donate page.

This project is a student-run effort. We have no formal affiliation
with the University of Southern California or USC administration
beyond our status as current members of the student body. If you would
like to volunteer or inquire about USC for Japan you can reach us via
email at info[at]uscforjapan.com. We also have a page on facebook at
this address, and you can find us on twitter by looking up @uscforjapan.

Thank you.

— Evan Jones and Charles Rubinoff (Annenberg APOC program, class of 2011)


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