Fukushima Nuclear Plant To Be Declared Stable

The facility is still leaking some radiation, however.

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Prime Minister Naoto Kan Resigns

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has resigned. His successor will be selected in a special session that will take place on August 29th.

The article above states that the Kan’s resignation may be a reaction to a backlash he experienced over his leadership during the natural disaster and Fukushima crises. Kan is a member of the Democratic Party of Japan and has held the PM position for 14 months.

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Quake Statistics

“Exactly 4 months later, 15,547 dead, 5,344 missing, more than 500,000 bldgs damaged.”

More info to be found here.

Via AkikoFujita on Twitter (re-tweeting information from ChicoHarlan).

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Disaster news update from Yokoso News

Yokoso news has done a great job of reporting news and developments about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Please check them out.

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Fukushima reactor purported to be in a state of meltdown

Please see this link for more info.

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USC For Japan Interview with Conrad Wilton

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Bracelets available!

Hey there.

The fine folks from the USC Japanese Student Association have provided us with a great big bag of “Fight on Japan!” bracelets to show solidarity with Japaense disaster victims. We’re leaving some around campus here and there, but you can always email us at Info[@]uscforjapan.com to get one, or leave a note for us here. JSA’s fundraiser last week was a great success, and we’d like to thank them for getting out there and fighting for a good cause.

Please keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for more news. Have a good one!

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